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  • 04-0820215G vs. Wi-Fi: How they’re different and why you’ll need both

    We’re entering the era of 5G, and while it hasn’t necessarily brought about the mobile revolution some expected, it could well do so in the next few years.

  • 08-312020Everything you need to know about 5G.

    Here is where you find 5G technology explained—how 5G works, why 5G is important and how it’s changing the way the world connects and communicates. At Qualcomm, we invented the foundational breakthroughs that make 5G possible.

  • 07-142020The best HDMI cables for 2020

    HDMI cables are far from fancy and don’t require tons of setup, but anyone who has tried to deal with TVs, A/V receivers, or soundbars knows how useful these cords can be. Without them, even watching a video on your TV can quickly become impossible.

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